10 Minutes to Inbox Zero
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10 Minutes to Inbox Zero

Let’s clear out your digital mail box!

If you can relate to having thousands of emails in your inbox, we may just have to do a clean break using the 10 Minutes to Inbox Zero rule, it goes as follows:

  1. deal with all email that arrived within the last 48 hours
  2. create a folder called Old Emails
  3. move ALL of the emails sitting in your inbox into the Old Emails folder
  4. YAY, now you’re starting fresh at Inbox Zero

I love this system because it’s quick, I can keep my old emails in case I need to go back to them, all while getting a fresh start with an empty inbox.

And now that we have that fresh start, we just gotta keep up with it.

STAR, FILE, FORWARD, DELETE is a system you can use to manage all future emails.

STAR: in Gmail, you can star an email – I use this feature when an email requires me to take action. If the to-do takes 5 minutes or less I try to get it done during email time. If the to-do takes more than 5 minutes, I schedule it in my calendar to get done at a later date & time.

FILE: creating folders can be super helpful to organize emails you wish to keep. Projects, properties, clients, (insert any topic here).

FORWARD: think twice before forwarding an email.

DELETE: goodbye spam, junk, and all the like (unsubscribe from subscriptions as you go).

Other fun email management tips to help you be a more productive and happy individual:

Unsubscribe to newsletters that don’t bring you joy or flood your inbox (multiple emails a day/week). Narrow your list down to your top 3 newsletters who provide value in a short email once a week / month.

Turn off all email notifications (remember: email isn’t a form of urgent communication).

Limit how many times you check your email per day (try 3: morning, noon, and night).

source: 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management by Kevin Kruse

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Use it or lose it

My decluttering mantra: “use it or lose it.”

Look around, if you haven’t used something for over a year – absolutely get rid of it.

I have a 6 month rule for materials and a 1 year rule for clothes (all the seasons).

If I haven’t used something in 6 months, I toss or donate it.

If I haven’t worn something in 1 year, I toss or donate it.

Keep it simple. You can always buy something similar again if you need to, but I doubt it 🙂

Less is more.


A billionaire’s lesson on change…

Making a change. If we don’t do things differently, there will never be a change.

If nobody taught you how do to it, how would you do it?

Some pro tips I summed up from the awesome Jesse Itzler (www.jesseitzler.com or @jesseitzler on insta) on making positive change:

1) Create your own set of rules- a system that works for you. What we need is a life system. Nowadays, 10 shots of tequila costs me 3 days… definitely not for me. We are all unique in our own ways. If it doesn’t feel right, you gotta trust your instincts and remove it.

2) Day dream often. Become the superhero in your head. Daydreaming will open your mind to the many different things you can learn and do. Think about the person you want to become, the traits you will have, etc. Make these as detailed as possible.

3) Plan backwards. 1. Write down what you want to accomplish in a given period. For example: travel adventures in a 12 month period. 2. Plan it out: when are you going, where, what’s the budget? 3. Go into your calendar and schedule your trips in. Work around them; they are non negotiable events. Start with the end in mind so you are able to make up a plan that will likely bring your goal to fruition.

4) Be opened minded. Be accepting of different things. Learn to listen to people who do it differently without judgement.

5) Live with a little less structure– more willingness to be flexible and do things that come up.

6) Declutter your spaces. Someone needs it more than you do.

7) Whiteboard ideas: writing out pros & cons to come to a resolution. Pull the whiteboard out for your own life- big decisions, ideas- writing things down and getting it out of your head is a great way to create newness.

8) Change up your routine. Make an effort to mix it up every so often- this will train you to think better, to be spontaneous, to be more open to change, and will get you out of your same everyday habits.

9) Remind yourself: what’s the worst thing that can happen?

10) Put something big on your calendar– this forces you to change up your routine and mindset.

Change is human nature. It’s how we grow!
x Corie